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BAS Agent Registration Number #25753702 

What does Registered BAS Agent mean?

This registration means that we are qualified to help you in the following ways:

Work with you to ensure your are conforming to the correct GST, PAYG and Superannuation rules and regulations.

Check to ensure software is set up with the correct GST codes.

Assist with running GST reports and checking them for accuracy.

Submitting reports through the BAS Agents portal.

Submitting end of year employees reports (payment summaries) through the BAS Agents portal.

Submitting Contractors income declarations reports through the BAS Agents portal.

Negotiating with ATO plans to bring Business Activity Statements up to date.

Negotiating with ATO payment plans for outstanding debts (fines and interest negotiations).





Amanda Howard

Business Angel Financial Group Company Director

Amanda has always had a strong work ethic, giving 110% to any job she held so, it’s no surprise she gives more than that in her own business. Prior to realising her passion was accounting 15 years ago she had worked for various small businesses while achieving her pilots license and working on a Business Degree. After turning to Accounting in 2007 Amanda has not looked back, successfully growing her own business from three clients to a medium firm over the last six years and graduating University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in 2021.

Amanda has been a Registered BAS Agent for 6 years and is now a Register Tax Agent allowing her to expand the services she provides her clients. Her goal is to keep growing her skill set to provide any financial service her clients require.

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